Ardrossan Elementary Parent Support Association

The A.E.P.S.A executive is as follows :

Chair :              (Acting) JP Grebenc 

Vice Chair:         Cheryl Popik

Secretary:          Open

Treasurer:          Wendy Marty


Hello Everyone, We are seeking volunteers!!

Ardrossan Elementary School is having a Casino fundraiser in Camrose on Monday, October 3 and Tuesday October 4, 3pm-12:45am each day. We are fundraising for a new audio visual system for the gym at the replacement school and also starting to fundraise for new playground equipment as ours is beginning to age.

We need a few more people to fill positions for both days at the Casino. Some of the positions are flexible with the start time (most start at 3pm and one at 9pm). If you can't get there until 4:30/5 that's great too. You get a free meal and we will be carpooling for any of those who want to. The jobs are very easy so don't be scared!! Please contact Wendy Marty at 780.237.6593 or for details!!

Proceeds will be close to $15,000-$19,000 for 2 super easy nights of work - that's a lot of bake sales and chocolates to sell :D

Thank you in advance for your support!!

Sincerely, Ardrossan Elementary Parents Support Association (AEPSA)


Parent volunteers are invited to become involved in fundraising.  Please contact us: AEPSA email